Iron Branch Railing

This spectacular log home in western North Carolina has many natural elements so the ironwork was designed to reference rustic twig furniture, rendered in a more durable and sophisticated way by being forged in hot steel.


There are two distinct elements to the design, the ‘trees’ and the lattice i.e. the horizontal and vertical branches.  Most of the lattice elements have a steel wrap at the joins.  This is not only decorative but helps to incorporate the structural welds that are necessary to hold the railing together. The railing sections were mounted by drilling holes into the log so that the four ‘tree trunks’ are solidly planted in the log.  Brackets were then fastened at the top to stop any movement at the cap rail.


The pictures here were taken as the railing was installed so they do not yet show the wood cap rail that is to be added.

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Lynda Metcalfe, blacksmith, jeweller

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I was interviewed by Jackie Jentzsch of the show ‘Carolina Crafting’ in April 2010, and this railing is mentioned, here’s the episode -



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