Laurel & willow rail

I designed this railing project for a client during my year as an artist in residence at the Appalachian Center for Crafts in Smithville, TN. The first installation, the balcony railing, was made there. The stair rails demanded a second and third installation which were completed over the next 18 months and my shop with my husvand.


The railings are designed to have a natural look which references willow furniture. The pickets and cross rails are all hammer textured and deliberately not straight, the joints are all wrapped and the cap rail has a bark texture.  

The work is installed in a private residence near Jamestown in Tennessee. 

Installation 1



Leaf railing, studio shot prior to final finishing


Leaf balcony railing detail showing wraps around picket intersections

Studio shot of one half of balcony railing, before it had had the clear finish applied


Detail shot showing the leaves and wrapped joints where the pickets meet the cross rail

Leaf railing detail showing bark textured cap rail


Leaf balcony railing, oblique shot

Detail shot showing the textured cap rail and wrapped joints.


An oblique view of one half of the balcony railing installed.

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Installation 2



Leaf stair railing, installation shot


Stair rail and ground floor entrance rail installed

Installation shot of the ground floor stair rails: l-r Ben, Brian, Elmer


ully installed stair and ground floor rails

Detail of ground floor newel post


Detail of landing newel post

Detail of ground floor newel post


Detail of landing newel post

Installation 3




The newel posts of both sides of the stair railing can now be seen together for the first time.



Detail of the texturing and carving in the top of the newel posts.




The very top of the stair railings ends in a decorative leaf fixture to the clients’ bookcase


Overall shot of the ground floor aspect of this project.


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